September 16 All Events

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September 16th, 2016 (September 16 2016)BirthDrusilla, daughter of Germanicus and Agrippina the Elder (died in 38)
September 16th, 2007 (September 16 2007)EventOne-Two-GO Airlines Flight 269 carrying 128 crew and passengers crashes in Thailand killing 89 people.
September 16th, 2007 (September 16 2007)DeathRobert Jordan, author of the Wheel of Time series (born in 1948)
September 16th, 2006 (September 16 2006)DeathRob Levin, creator of Freenode (born in 1955)
September 16th, 2006 (September 16 2006)DeathFloyd Curry, Canadian ice hockey player (born in 1925)
September 16th, 2005 (September 16 2005)EventCamorra boss Paolo Di Lauro is arrested in Naples.
September 16th, 2005 (September 16 2005)BirthPrincess Jalilah bint Ali, of Jordan
September 16th, 2005 (September 16 2005)DeathGordon Gould, inventor of the laser (born in 1920)
September 16th, 2004 (September 16 2004)EventHurricane Ivan touches land near Pensacola, Florida, becoming the third (now fourth) costliest hurricane to strike the United States.
September 16th, 2003 (September 16 2003)DeathErich Hallhuber, German actor (born in 1951)
September 16th, 2003 (September 16 2003)DeathSheb Wooley, singer and actor (born in 1921)
September 16th, 2002 (September 16 2002)DeathJames Gregory, American actor (born in 1911)
September 16th, 2001 (September 16 2001)DeathSamuel Z. Arkoff, American film producer (born in 1918)
September 16th, 2000 (September 16 2000)DeathGeorgiy Gongadze, Ukrainian journalist (born in 1969)
September 16th, 1996 (September 16 1996)DeathDomitian, Roman Emperor (born in 51)
September 16th, 1996 (September 16 1996)DeathMcGeorge Bundy, U.S. National Security Advisor (born in 1919)
September 16th, 1993 (September 16 1993)DeathRok Petrovic, Slovenian skier (born in 1966)
September 16th, 1992 (September 16 1992)EventBlack Wednesday: the Pound Sterling is forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism by currency speculators and is forced to devalue against the Deutschmark.
September 16th, 1992 (September 16 1992)BirthNick Jonas, American singer
September 16th, 1992 (September 16 1992)DeathMillicent Fenwick, American politician and writer (born in 1910)
September 16th, 1991 (September 16 1991)EventThe trial of Panamanian "strongman" Manuel Noriega begins in the United States.
September 16th, 1988 (September 16 1988)BirthSarah Steele, American actress
September 16th, 1988 (September 16 1988)BirthTeddy Geiger, American singer
September 16th, 1987 (September 16 1987)EventThe Montreal Protocol is signed to protect the ozone layer from depletion.
September 16th, 1987 (September 16 1987)BirthLouis Clement Ngwat-Mahop, Cameroonian football player
September 16th, 1987 (September 16 1987)DeathHoward Moss, American poet, dramatist, and critic (born in 1922)
September 16th, 1986 (September 16 1986)BirthKyla Pratt, American actress
September 16th, 1985 (September 16 1985)BirthMadeline Zima, American actress
September 16th, 1984 (September 16 1984)BirthKatie Melua, Georgian-British singerKatie Melua Quotes
September 16th, 1984 (September 16 1984)BirthSabrina Bryan, American actress and singer
September 16th, 1982 (September 16 1982)EventSabra and Shatila massacre in Lebanon.
September 16th, 1982 (September 16 1982)BirthLeon Knight, English footballer
September 16th, 1982 (September 16 1982)BirthMichael McCall, Irish chemist
September 16th, 1981 (September 16 1981)BirthAlexis Bledel, American actress (Gilmore Girls)Alexis Bledel Quotes
September 16th, 1981 (September 16 1981)BirthFan Bingbing, Chinese actress
September 16th, 1980 (September 16 1980)BirthPatrik Stefan, Czech hockey player
September 16th, 1980 (September 16 1980)DeathJean Piaget, Swiss psychologist (born in 1896)Jean Piaget Quotes
September 16th, 1979 (September 16 1979)BirthBobby Korecky, American baseball player
September 16th, 1978 (September 16 1978)EventAn earthquake hits the city of Tabas, Iran measuring 7.5-7.9 on the Richter scale killing about 25,000 people.
September 16th, 1978 (September 16 1978)BirthDan Dickau, American basketball player
September 16th, 1978 (September 16 1978)BirthMatthew Rogers, American singer
September 16th, 1977 (September 16 1977)BirthGreg Ball, American politician
September 16th, 1977 (September 16 1977)DeathMarc Bolan, English musician (born in 1947)
September 16th, 1977 (September 16 1977)DeathMaria Callas, Greek-American soprano (born in 1923)
September 16th, 1976 (September 16 1976)EventShavarsh Karapetyan saves 20 people from the trolleybus that had fallen into Erevan reservoir
September 16th, 1976 (September 16 1976)BirthTina Barrett, British singer (S Club)
September 16th, 1976 (September 16 1976)BirthGreg Buckner, American basketball player
September 16th, 1976 (September 16 1976)BirthHeather Hopper, American actress
September 16th, 1975 (September 16 1975)EventPapua New Guinea gains its independence from Australia.
September 16th, 1975 (September 16 1975)EventThe first prototype of the MiG-31 interceptor makes its maiden flight.
September 16th, 1975 (September 16 1975)BirthShannon Noll, Australian singer and songwriter
September 16th, 1975 (September 16 1975)DeathIrene Hayes, Ziegfeld girl and businesswoman (born in 1896)
September 16th, 1974 (September 16 1974)BirthTom Dolan, American swimmer
September 16th, 1973 (September 16 1973)BirthAlexander Vinokourov, Kazakh cyclist
September 16th, 1973 (September 16 1973)BirthJustin Haythe, American writer
September 16th, 1973 (September 16 1973)BirthGeorge Corrie, English Footballer
September 16th, 1972 (September 16 1972)BirthMark Bruener, American football player
September 16th, 1971 (September 16 1971)BirthAmy Poehler, American comedian (Saturday Night Live)
September 16th, 1970 (September 16 1970)EventKing Hussein of Jordan declares military rule due to the hijacking of four civilian airliners by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). This results in the formation of the Black September Palestinian paramilitary unit. Hussein of Jordan Quotes
September 16th, 1970 (September 16 1970)BirthMark Schultz, American musician
September 16th, 1969 (September 16 1969)BirthJustine Frischmann, English musician (Elastica)
September 16th, 1968 (September 16 1968)BirthMarc Anthony, American singer
September 16th, 1968 (September 16 1968)BirthWalt Becker, American director and writer
September 16th, 1966 (September 16 1966)EventThe Metropolitan Opera House opens at Lincoln Center in New York City to the world premiere of Samuel Barber s opera, Antony and Cleopatra.
September 16th, 1965 (September 16 1965)BirthKaty Kurtzman, American actress
September 16th, 1965 (September 16 1965)DeathAhn Eak-tai, Korean musician, composer, and conductor (born in 1906)
September 16th, 1964 (September 16 1964)BirthMolly Shannon, American actress
September 16th, 1964 (September 16 1964)BirthMary Coustas, Austalian entertainer
September 16th, 1964 (September 16 1964)BirthRossy de Palma, Spanish actress
September 16th, 1963 (September 16 1963)EventMalaysia is formed from Malaya, Singapore, British North Borneo (Sabah) and Sarawak.
September 16th, 1963 (September 16 1963)BirthRichard Marx, American singer
September 16th, 1961 (September 16 1961)BirthBilinda Butcher, British singer (My Bloody Valentine)
September 16th, 1960 (September 16 1960)BirthDanny John-Jules, British actor
September 16th, 1960 (September 16 1960)BirthKurt Busiek, American comic book writer
September 16th, 1959 (September 16 1959)BirthTim Raines, American baseball player
September 16th, 1958 (September 16 1958)BirthOrel Hershiser, American baseball player
September 16th, 1958 (September 16 1958)BirthNeville Southall, Welsh footballer
September 16th, 1958 (September 16 1958)BirthJennifer Tilly, American actress
September 16th, 1957 (September 16 1957)BirthDavid McCreery, Irish footballer
September 16th, 1957 (September 16 1957)DeathQi Baishi, Chinese painter (born in 1864)
September 16th, 1956 (September 16 1956)BirthDavid Copperfield, American magician
September 16th, 1956 (September 16 1956)BirthMickey Rourke, American actor
September 16th, 1955 (September 16 1955)EventJuan Peron is deposed in Argentina.
September 16th, 1955 (September 16 1955)BirthRon Brewer, American basketball player
September 16th, 1955 (September 16 1955)BirthJanet Ellis, British television presenter
September 16th, 1955 (September 16 1955)BirthYolandita Monge, Puerto Rican singer
September 16th, 1955 (September 16 1955)BirthRobin Yount, American baseball player
September 16th, 1954 (September 16 1954)BirthEarl Klugh, American jazz guitarist
September 16th, 1954 (September 16 1954)BirthColin Newman, English musician (Wire)
September 16th, 1954 (September 16 1954)BirthFrank Reed, American singer (Chi-Lites)
September 16th, 1953 (September 16 1953)BirthAlan Barton, English musician (Black Lace, Smokie) (died in 1995)
September 16th, 1953 (September 16 1953)BirthNancy Huston, Canadian-born novelist and essayist
September 16th, 1953 (September 16 1953)BirthEric Vail, Canadian ice hockey player
September 16th, 1950 (September 16 1950)BirthLoyd Grossman, American television presenter
September 16th, 1950 (September 16 1950)DeathPedro de Cordoba, American actor (born in 1881)
September 16th, 1949 (September 16 1949)BirthEd Begley, Jr., American actor
September 16th, 1948 (September 16 1948)BirthRon Blair, American bassist
September 16th, 1948 (September 16 1948)BirthKenny Jones, English musician (The Small Faces; Faces; The Who)
September 16th, 1947 (September 16 1947)BirthRuss Abbot, British comedian
September 16th, 1947 (September 16 1947)BirthEnrique Krauze, Mexican historian and writer
September 16th, 1946 (September 16 1946)BirthCathee Dahmen, American fashion model
September 16th, 1946 (September 16 1946)BirthMike Reynolds, Australian politician
September 16th, 1946 (September 16 1946)BirthCamilo Sesto, Spanish singer
September 16th, 1945 (September 16 1945)DeathJohn McCormack, Irish tenor (born in 1884)
September 16th, 1944 (September 16 1944)BirthWinston Grennan, Jamaican American drummer
September 16th, 1944 (September 16 1944)DeathGustav Bauer, Chancellor of Germany (born in 1870)
September 16th, 1943 (September 16 1943)BirthJames Alan McPherson, American writer
September 16th, 1942 (September 16 1942)BirthBernie Calvert, British musician (The Hollies)
September 16th, 1941 (September 16 1941)EventConcerned that Reza Pahlavi the Shah of Persia was about to align his petroleum-rich country with Germany during World War II, the United Kingdom and the USSR occupy Iran and forced him to resign in favor of his son, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
September 16th, 1941 (September 16 1941)BirthRichard Perle, American political advisorRichard Perle Quotes
September 16th, 1940 (September 16 1940)EventSam Rayburn elected Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, widely regarded as the most effective Speaker of the House in American history.
September 16th, 1939 (September 16 1939)BirthBreyten Breytenbach, South African writer and painter
September 16th, 1937 (September 16 1937)BirthAlexander Medved, Russian wrestler
September 16th, 1935 (September 16 1935)BirthCarl Andre, American artist
September 16th, 1935 (September 16 1935)BirthBob Kiley, American public transit specialist
September 16th, 1934 (September 16 1934)BirthGeorge Chakiris, American actor
September 16th, 1933 (September 16 1933)DeathGeorge Gore, baseball player (born in 1857)
September 16th, 1932 (September 16 1932)DeathRonald Ross, English physician, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (born in 1857)
September 16th, 1930 (September 16 1930)BirthAnne Francis, American actress
September 16th, 1928 (September 16 1928)BirthLady Gwen Thompson, British occultist (died in 1986)
September 16th, 1927 (September 16 1927)BirthPeter Falk, American actor
September 16th, 1927 (September 16 1927)BirthJack Kelly, American actor (died in 1992)
September 16th, 1926 (September 16 1926)BirthTommy Bond, American actor (died in 2005)
September 16th, 1925 (September 16 1925)BirthCharlie Byrd, American musician (died in 1999)
September 16th, 1925 (September 16 1925)BirthB. B. King, American musician
September 16th, 1925 (September 16 1925)BirthCharles Haughey, Prime Minister of Ireland (died in 2006)
September 16th, 1925 (September 16 1925)DeathAlexander Alexandrovich Friedman, Russian physicist (born in 1888)
September 16th, 1924 (September 16 1924)BirthLauren Bacall, American actress
September 16th, 1923 (September 16 1923)BirthLee Kuan Yew, Minister Mentor of Singapore
September 16th, 1922 (September 16 1922)BirthJanis Paige, American actress
September 16th, 1922 (September 16 1922)BirthMarcel Mouloudji, French actor and singer (died in 1994)
September 16th, 1921 (September 16 1921)BirthJon Hendricks, American jazz singer
September 16th, 1920 (September 16 1920)EventThe Wall Street bombing: a bomb in a horse wagon explodes in front of the J.P.Morgan building in New York City38 are killed with 400 injured.
September 16th, 1919 (September 16 1919)EventThe American Legion is incorporated.
September 16th, 1919 (September 16 1919)BirthLaurence J. Peter, Canadian born educator and writer (died in 1990)
September 16th, 1916 (September 16 1916)BirthRobert Bradshaw, Saint Kitts and Nevis politician (died in 1978)
September 16th, 1916 (September 16 1916)BirthM.S. Subbulakshmi, Indian singer (died in 2004)
September 16th, 1916 (September 16 1916)BirthFrank Leslie Walcott, Barbadian labour leader (died in 1999)
September 16th, 1914 (September 16 1914)BirthAllen Funt, American radio and television personality (died in 1999)
September 16th, 1911 (September 16 1911)DeathEdward Whymper, English mountain climber (born in 1840)
September 16th, 1910 (September 16 1910)BirthKarl Kling, German race car driver (died in 2003)
September 16th, 1910 (September 16 1910)BirthErich Kempka, Adolf Hitler s chauffeur (died in 1975)Adolf Hitler Quotes
September 16th, 1908 (September 16 1908)EventGeneral Motors is founded.
September 16th, 1906 (September 16 1906)BirthJack Churchill, English soldier (died in 1996)
September 16th, 1905 (September 16 1905)BirthVladimir Holan, Czech poet (died in 1980)
September 16th, 1901 (September 16 1901)EventAlturas, California, incorporated as the only city in Modoc County.
September 16th, 1898 (September 16 1898)BirthH.A. Rey, American children s author, creator of "Curious George" (died in 1977)
September 16th, 1898 (September 16 1898)DeathRamon Emeterio Betances, Puerto Rican politician, medical doctor and diplomat (born in 1827)
September 16th, 1893 (September 16 1893)EventSettlers race in Oklahoma for prime land in the Cherokee Strip.
September 16th, 1893 (September 16 1893)BirthAlexander Korda, Hungarian film director (died in 1956)
September 16th, 1893 (September 16 1893)BirthAlbert Szent-Gyorgyi, Hungarian physiologist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1986)
September 16th, 1891 (September 16 1891)BirthStephanie von Hohenlohe, Austrian-born German spy (died in 1972)
September 16th, 1891 (September 16 1891)BirthKarl Donitz, German naval leader (died in 1980)Karl Donitz Quotes
September 16th, 1888 (September 16 1888)BirthF. E. Sillanpaa, Finnish writer, Nobel Prize laureate (died in [[1964
September 16th, 1887 (September 16 1887)EventThe first game of softball was played in Chicago, Illinois
September 16th, 1887 (September 16 1887)BirthNadia Boulanger, French composer and teacher (died in 1979)
September 16th, 1886 (September 16 1886)BirthJean Arp, Alsatian sculptor and painter (died in 1966)
September 16th, 1883 (September 16 1883)BirthT. E. Hulme, English writer (died in 1917)
September 16th, 1881 (September 16 1881)BirthClive Bell, English art critic (died in 1964)
September 16th, 1875 (September 16 1875)BirthJames C. Penney, American department store founder (died in 1971)
September 16th, 1865 (September 16 1865)DeathChristian Julius De Meza, Danish general (born in 1792)
September 16th, 1864 (September 16 1864)DeathJohn Hanning Speke, English explorer (born in 1827)
September 16th, 1863 (September 16 1863)EventRobert College of Istanbul-Turkey, the first American educational institution outside the United States is founded by Christopher Robert, an American philanthropist.
September 16th, 1859 (September 16 1859)BirthYuan Shikai, Chinese politician (died in 1916)
September 16th, 1858 (September 16 1858)BirthAndrew Bonar Law, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (died in 1923)
September 16th, 1853 (September 16 1853)BirthAlbrecht Kossel, German physician, Nobel laureate (died in 1927)
September 16th, 1829 (September 16 1829)DeathNikolay Raevsky, Russian general and statesman (born in 1771)
September 16th, 1827 (September 16 1827)BirthJean Albert Gaudry, French geologist (died in 1908)
September 16th, 1824 (September 16 1824)DeathKing Louis XVIII of France (born in 1755)
September 16th, 1823 (September 16 1823)BirthFrancis Parkman, American historian (died in 1893)Francis Parkman Quotes
September 16th, 1812 (September 16 1812)EventRussians set fire to Moscow shortly after midnightthe city is burned completely down days later.
September 16th, 1810 (September 16 1810)EventWith the Grito de Dolores, Father Miguel Hidalgo begins Mexico s fight for independence from Spain
September 16th, 1803 (September 16 1803)DeathNicolas Baudin, French explorer (born in 1754)
September 16th, 1795 (September 16 1795)EventUnited Kingdom conquers Cape Town, South Africa.
September 16th, 1782 (September 16 1782)BirthDaoguang, Emperor of China (died in 1850)
September 16th, 1782 (September 16 1782)DeathFarinelli, Italian castrato singer (born in 1705)
September 16th, 1776 (September 16 1776)EventAmerican Revolutionary War: the Battle of Harlem Heights is fought.
September 16th, 1775 (September 16 1775)DeathAllen Bathurst, 1st Earl Bathurst, English privy councillor (born in 1684)
September 16th, 1745 (September 16 1745)BirthMikhail Illarionovich Kutuzov, Russian field marshal (died in 1813)
September 16th, 1736 (September 16 1736)DeathGabriel Fahrenheit, German physicist (born in 1686)
September 16th, 1725 (September 16 1725)BirthNicolas Desmarest, French geologist (died in 1815)
September 16th, 1722 (September 16 1722)BirthGabriel Christie, British general (died in 1799)
September 16th, 1701 (September 16 1701)EventJames Francis Edward Stuart,sometimes called the "Old Pretender", becomes the Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England and Scotland.
September 16th, 1701 (September 16 1701)DeathJames II of England and VII of Scotland (born in 1633)
September 16th, 1678 (September 16 1678)BirthHenry St John, English statesman and philosopher (died in 1751) Philo Quotes
September 16th, 1672 (September 16 1672)DeathAnne Bradstreet, American colonial poet (born in 1612)
September 16th, 1666 (September 16 1666)BirthAntoine Parent, French mathematician (died in 1716)
September 16th, 1651 (September 16 1651)BirthEngelbert Kaempfer, German physician and traveler (died in 1716)
September 16th, 1589 (September 16 1589)DeathMichael Baius, Flemish theologian (born in 1513)
September 16th, 1557 (September 16 1557)BirthJacques Mauduit, French composer (died in 1627)
September 16th, 1507 (September 16 1507)BirthJiajing, Emperor of China (died in 1567)
September 16th, 1498 (September 16 1498)DeathTomas de Torquemada, first grand inquisitor of Spain (born in 1420)
September 16th, 1406 (September 16 1406)DeathCyprian, Metropolitan of Moscow (born in 1336)
September 16th, 1400 (September 16 1400)EventOwain Glyndwr declared Prince of Wales by his followers.
September 16th, 1394 (September 16 1394)DeathAvignon Pope Clement VII (born in 1342)
September 16th, 1387 (September 16 1387)BirthKing Henry V of England, (died in 1422)
September 16th, 1380 (September 16 1380)DeathKing Charles V of France (born in 1338)
September 16th, 1345 (September 16 1345)DeathJohn IV, Duke of Brittany (born in 1295)
September 16th, 1100 (September 16 1100)DeathBernold of Constance, German chronicler (born in 1054)
September 16th, 1098 (September 16 1098)BirthHildegard of Bingen, German magistra and the first componist to be known by name (died in 1179)
September 16th, 1087 (September 16 1087)DeathPope Victor III (born in 1026)
September 16th, 0307 (September 16 0307)DeathFlavius Valerius Severus, deposed Roman Emperor (murder)

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